Unity Project is about Building a Brighter Future, Stronger Foundation and Affordable Housing.

Our unique shed homes are prefabricated one to three bedroom housing units that can be seamlessly adapted and customized to serve as living quarters.  Through this cost-effective method, we believe we can combat homelessness not only in Greenville, but eventually throughout the nation.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide low income families with affordable, pre-fabricated housing and other support services to move them towards self-sufficiency.  We plan to combat homelessness in a holistic manner that addresses its root cause, as well as the barriers to financial independence.

Our Approach

Our approach to combating homelessness combines providing affordable transitional housing and comprehensive services that support residents in overcoming financial hardship and moving towards self-sufficiency.


Unity Project, Inc's goal is to build a brighter future for those facing homelessness within our community, build stronger bridges between ourselves and those in need, and build affordable housing that keep struggling families and individuals off the street.

We are aiming to break ground for our first shed home by the end of 2021.  From there, we plan to be in full production by the beginning of 2022.  We know that constructing shed homes is an ambitious goal, but we are committed to achieving it!


You can help us meet our construction goals by making a generous donation to our project.  Your donation will move us one step closer to providing affordable housing to families in need.

"We serve personally- every single time we serve!"