At Unity Project, Inc, we understand that access to affordable housing is not the only problem the homeless face.  In addition to our shed homes, we will provide a wide range of services designed to support our residents and other low income community members in getting back on their feet and enhancing their quality of life.

Our supportive services include:

  • Financial Assistance

  • Case Management

  • Financial Literacy Workshops

  • Entrepreneurship Workshops

  • Transportation Services

  • Medical & Dental Services

  • Child Care                                                               

Additionally, Unity Project, Inc will partner with S.I.M.S (She Is My Sista), a workforce development program for women that provides remote customer service jobs.  This employment program removes childcare and transportation barriers by connecting women of all ages to flexible, virtual positions they can do from their home. 

Through partnerships with other local organizations and agencies, we will offer quality services to support residents and community members in overcoming poverty and homelessness.

Bridging the Gap

Mobile Beacon and PCs for People  

Bridging the Gap is a partnership between PCs for People and Mobile Beacon that brings access to life and helps low income individuals and families get on the path to opportunity by providing the first-class technology, they need to break the cycle of poverty.


Bridging the Gap enables nonprofits to offer their community high-quality, affordable computers and first-class
uncapped, high-speed, and unlimited internet service so, their limited budgets won’t mean a second-class level of technology.